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Pushnuts bolt retainers are fasteners which are pushed on a screw or bolt to securely retain it through handling operations prior to final assembly. It was originally conceived for retention of bolts in automobile bumpers prior to final assembly. Hard to find items our specialty. Shopping is easy and delivery is fast.

Pushnuts Assembly
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Pushnuts can be selected by clicking on any of the pictures above or Search our database for a specific fastener or Browse our catalog index.

We carry a full line of Pushnuts, commonly called Style PT on this web site. If you should need other types of push nuts, please check some of the other varieties on our home page or go to the catalog index on the browse page for other industrial fasteners.

You can shop and buy these industrial fasteners online. These industrial fasteners (sujetadores) come with machine type threading as opposed to self-tapping or sheet metal threads. You can go to the next page of this web site to search for a particular Pushnuts by entering the body size.

Some of the advantages of this type of push nut are as follows:

Because the angled teeth of the PT Pushnut bridges over several screws threads, a Pushnut bolt retainer slides down smoothly, eliminating the ratcheting action which is characteristic of other push-on fasteners which fit into the threads. Round shape and low profile are economical of space. The flexible teeth fold flat when the second panel is tightened over the style PT fastener. Only 0.115 to 0.020 inches of thickness is added to the assembly.

A style PT fastener holds firmly at any point on the threaded or unthreaded portion of the bolt shank, even when not seated against the panel. The part must be broken for removal. It cannot be threaded off.

Because a style PT fastener grips the OD of the screw thread, it functions properly, irrespective of the pitch or number of threads per inch for a given bolt diameter. 

Style PT retainers permit final assembly by either the "turn screw" or "turn nut" method.

Fast, easy assembly with applicator tools assures correct concentration of application force on the fastener flange, and facilitates assembly

These fasteners are normally sold in quantities of 10, 100, 1,000 (or multiples thereof) but discounts are given for full carton orders. You may find that a carton order has the same or more pieces in the carton than an order for 100 or 1,000 and yet has a lower price because we are a volume supplier and reward the customer for volume business.

Shipping charges are calculated automatically while you are in the buying process. After you press the "Checkout" button a new screen will ask for shipping method, shipping address and payment method. If you are in California there will be an automatic sales tax added. In addition there will be 50 handling charge added to all orders. If you should want to try different shipping methods to get the one best suited for you, simply click the "Back" button on your browser, change the shipping method and click on "Continue".  If you want to try still another shipping method, simply repeat this procedure.

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